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Wellness Exams

For pets, just like with humans, routine wellness exams and lab work are very important steps on the path to not only long-term health, but also to maintaining good quality of life. Making sure to have physical exams and lab work performed regularly on your pet is one of the best things you can do for their well-being. Though it’s a simple step, this kind of preventive veterinary care can help prevent or improve the outcome of major health problems, and maximize the lifespan of your pet.

Many health problems your pet might encounter can start out small, but then progress over time into serious issues. The way to keep these issues from becoming more serious is to catch them early on, and provide the proper treatment to your pet in a timely fashion. Thankfully, every time you bring your pet in for an exam or treatment, that’s a chance for your trusted team here at Noe Animal Hospital to evaluate the health of your pet, and check for any current or possible future issues. Performing regular evaluations (which may include lab work) allows us to establish a baseline for the health of your pet – a “normal” state of health that we can compare to any changes we might see along the way. Once we have this baseline, we can more easily notice if something is wrong, and have time to act.

Catching health issues early on – even more minor ones – also means that you’re giving your pet a better chance to maintain their quality of life. Getting them checked out regularly means that your time together can continue to be enjoyable, and you can help keep your beloved pet as free from pain and discomfort as is possible over their lifetime.

What Happens During Your Pet’s Wellness Examination?
A wellness exam helps us suggest ways you can improve your pet’s health, and gives us the tools to create the best plan to care for your pet. During the exam, we will often ask you questions to get a clearer picture of your pet’s day-to-day health and nutritional status. Our team will look at all your pet’s major biological systems, carefully examining their internal organs, skeletal system, ears, eyes, teeth and skin, as well as the general condition of their body. We may also perform movement tests with your pet to look for any potential issues with their nervous or skeletal systems.

When you bring your pet in to Noe Animal Hospital for regular physical exams and lab work, you help them avoid major problems in the future, and enjoy a better life now. But for you, the pet owner, there’s an added benefit of your own peace of mind. With regular evaluations of your pet’s health, you can avoid surprises and rest assured that you’re being the best pet parent you can be!