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Spaying & Neutering Your Pet is Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet overpopulation has become a serious problem, resulting in overcrowded animal shelters with no way to care for the millions of pets without homes. With growing numbers of unwanted dogs and cats, there just aren’t enough homes for all the animals that need them. We have an unwanted pet population that’s simply far too big for our communities to manage.

Because of this, spaying and neutering pets has become a commonly accepted and recommended pet population control measure, and it’s important that you as a pet owner act responsibly to keep your pet from having unwanted or irresponsible pregnancies. It’s the right thing to do for the animals and your community, and it’s much more cost-effective than raising a litter!

Spaying and neutering are very common veterinary procedures, and at Noe Animal Hospital we accomplish these procedures quickly, easily and with minimal pain and recovery time for your pet. Preventing unwanted pet pregnancies is the main purpose, but the procedures provide other benefits for your pet in addition to preventing some long-term health problems.

Other Benefits Of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet:

  • Your female cat or dog will typically lead a longer and healthier life
  • Your female pet will generally have fewer reproductive system-related health issues
  • Your male cat or dog will have a lower chance of prostate problems and certain types of cancer
  • Inappropriate urination in both sexes will be deterred
  • Territorialism and aggressive tendencies will be reduced in your pet and more!