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Getting your pet vaccinated is an important part of a preventive – and lifelong – veterinary health care plan. It’s also quick and easy! Pet vaccination at Noe Animal Hospital is one of the best tools we have to ensure your pet has the chance for a long and healthy life by protecting them from disease. A vaccinated pet can also help protect their owner from diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, such as rabies.

Vaccines work by preparing your pet’s immune system for the potential invasion of organisms that cause disease. Contained in a vaccine are antigens, substances that don’t cause disease themselves but appear to the immune system as a dangerous, disease-causing organism. The introduction of a vaccine into the body prepares your pet’s immune system to recognize and handle the real disease if it’s ever encountered. A prepared immune system can then either fight off the disease entirely or reduce the severity of its effects.

It’s recommended that pets receive at least what are called “core” vaccines – those that are medically necessary for every pet, no matter the environment or lifestyle they enjoy. Depending on your pet’s environment and potential for disease exposure, they may also need other, “non-core” vaccines.

At Noe Animal Hospital, we know your pet is unique and in need of a specialized approach to vaccination. We look at various factors including your pet’s age, environment, lifestyle and medical history, and depending on the type of vaccine needed we will create the best vaccination schedule for your pet.