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Devon Hipschman
Devon Hipschman

Lead Nurse

Devon serves as the Lead Nurse at Noe Animal Hospital, a position she has held since its establishment in November 2022. Her affinity for animals has been evident throughout her career, which began in 2015 as an animal control officer. Building on this experience, she transitioned to veterinary nursing at a General Practice hospital, subsequently taking on relief work as an ER veterinary nurse.

In 2018, Devon commenced her nursing journey with Dr. Gopisetty and Dr. Goodrich, fostering a close professional relationship. When Noe Animal Hospital opened its doors, Devon faithfully followed the doctors and continued to work alongside them. She finds great fulfillment in establishing connections with both humans and animals, as it cultivates a sense of family-like camaraderie.

Anesthesia and scrub-in surgical procedures are Devon's areas of expertise, which she approaches with deep passion. As a fifth-generation resident of the bay area, she treasures her roots and engages in off-roading, camping, and cherishing moments with her loved ones, including her senior pitbull, Ivy.

Devon's aspirations encompass making a positive impact within the veterinary community. Through client education and the creation of a trustworthy environment for both clients and patients, she strives to leave a lasting imprint.